Oxygen First Aid Keeps Two Divers Out of the Chamber – Recent Cases

In two recent cases, immediate oxygen first aid resolved symptoms and kept the divers out of the chamber. Continue reading “Oxygen First Aid Keeps Two Divers Out of the Chamber – Recent Cases”

Is your operator O2 Prepared?

There’s more to Oxygen Preparedness than just having that green case with the reassuring DAN sticker on it tucked away in the bow. Delivery equipment, training and other factors play a big part. How prepared is your dive operator?

Going on a Dive Trip?

Recently on Facebook we posted four questions that divers should ask to gauge an operator’s level of preparedness to help you in the event of a diving accident. These centred around availability of oxygen, appropriate equipment, supply of oxygen and staff trained in oxygen provision.

Here, DAN AP’s General Manager, Scott Jamieson, discusses Oxygen Preparedness in the context of a recent diving incident. Continue reading “Is your operator O2 Prepared?”

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