DAN destination blog Lord Howe Island an adventure playground for scuba divers

Even as you approach from the air, Lord Howe Island looks invitingly like an adventure playground for divers. Its irregular shape gives a little insight into what lies below the waterline: to the south the mighty peaks of Gower and Lidgbird stand like sentinels, their heads at 800m in the clouds and their almost vertical sides plummeting straight down into the water surrounding them, whilst dotted around are small islands and off to the south-east the unmistakable outline of Ball’s Pyramid pierces the horizon. Read More

Diving in current

Staff here at DAN Asia Pacific was recently contacted by the sister of a diver that went missing during a dive in Komodo on July 14. Komodo is well known as an area prone to strong currents, and this is one factor being considered as a cause for this incident. We’re still trying to determine the facts so that we may learn from this tragedy, but the incident prompted us to look at ways to try keep safe, and minimise risk while drift diving, especially when diving in strong currents. Read More

Welcome to DAN Insider

This is the first of what should be many DAN Insider blogs. Read More

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