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Are You Covered for Emergency Medical Evacuation and Dive Injury Treatment Costs?


Recently, a DAN Member living and working in Thailand experienced DCI. He had just completed five days of diving with three to four dives per day while teaching.

On the final dive he experienced a rapid ascent from 14 meters. Following the dive, he immediately experienced extreme vertigo and vomiting.

He went to the local hospital and was kept overnight on oxygen. The vomiting subsided, but he was still dizzy and uneasy on his feet. All other tests came back negative. The doctor at the hospital recommended recompression treatment.

It was at this time that DAN was called to check the member’s coverage.

While we hope no diver has a situation like this, it does happen. So how do you know what your DAN membership and coverage can help you with?

Two Components to DAN World Coverage

When you become a DAN member, your membership includes Worldwide Medical Emergency Evacuation (up to US$150,000).

Membership alone does NOT cover treatment. When you are applying online for DAN coverage, you are asked to add on a level of Dive Injury Treatment Coverage. This dedicated coverage is designed for treatment costs associated with a covered in-water diving accident, which may require chamber or hospital treatment.

A very sick diver can require multiple recompression treatments, and a stay in hospital, and these costs can amount to tens of thousands of dollars.

When applying for DAN coverage we encourage you to review the treatment coverage options, and the coverage provided, and choose the treatment plan that best meets your diving needs.

And if you are not sure what coverage you have, we encourage you to contact the DAN World Membership Team. We are here to support our members and ensure you have coverage with a company you can trust.

Are You Covered for Emergency Medical Evacuation and Dive Injury Treatment Costs?

  • Membership benefits cover the costs associated with medical emergency evacuation but do NOT cover the cost of the chamber treatment.
  • If you are living and/or working in a coverable region, and experience DCI due to a covered diving accident, one of DAN’s treatment coverage options can help with the expenses that may arise as result of having to be treated in a chamber.
  • Once your DAN coverage is in place, you can dive with confidence knowing that your covered dives will be protected.


Author: DAN World

DAN® is the world’s leading dive safety association.

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