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Lots of jellyfish in jellyfish lake in Koror Paul Diveplanit

There is a lake in Palau full of jellyfish, which are completely harmless and you can snorkel amongst them. It’s a bit like snorkelling in a warm, green jellyfish soup.

Steps with diver for scale at Yonaguni Monument diving Okinawa Japan Diveplanit

In the remote island of Yonaguni, Japan’s most south-westerly point in the province of Okinawa, an underwater feature has archaeologists and geologists still arguing 30 years on

Fiji Friday Feature Rakiraki diving Orange anthias against a background of hard green branching coral at Volivoli Fiji Islands Diveplanit 0410

Looking for a relaxing ‘dive holiday’ dive trip? A place with easy diving and sites with names like Heaven's Door, Purple Haze and Black Magic? Then look no further than...

The 2017 Solomon Islands Dive Fest was on last week with a dozen divers and dive media diving around the Solomon’s Western Province and competing for three prizes – each another...

Diving with Turtles Diver approaches a resting turtle diving Secret Garden at Gili Islands Lombok Indonesia Diveplanit 4889

The Gili Islands are off Lombok, just across the water from Bali. There’s exhilarating diving between the three islands, and turtles are attracted to the local biorock structures.

DAN destination blog Lord Howe Island an adventure playground for scuba divers

Lord Howe Island is like a perfectly designed adventure playground for divers: from shallow fish-filled lagoon reefs, to the gullied terrain of the Arches, and jumbled bommies of the Admiralty Islands....