DAN Incident Insights: are you covered?

This week we look at two cases: the first involving a motorbike accident and the second a friend calling for advice on behalf of his buddy with no DAN coverage.

Couple on scooter in Thailand

This week we look at two cases: the first involving a motorbike accident and the second a friend calling for advice on behalf of his buddy with no DAN coverage.

Incident 1: Thailand, Motorbike Accident

A 31-year-old female member contacted DAN by email for help following a motorbike accident. She had a possible broken leg and wanted to know if her DAN Insurance covered her for treatment. She was advised that her DAN policy has an exclusion for injuries resulting from motorbike accidents. Fortunately, when DAN later contacted the Member she had presented at a local clinic and they confirmed her leg was not broken.

Lesson’s Learned

  1. This member sent an email to DAN following her accident: For immediate attention all divers should call the DAN DES Emergency Hotline. The hotlines are available 24/7 and must always be used, as DAN AP Email and Facebook are not monitored 24/7.

  2. All divers should supplement their DAN Coverage with a short Travel Insurance policy to cover a broader range of non-diving incidents. Having said that, in terms of motorbike incidents, many travel insurers are likely to have exclusions, so if you do intend to ride a motorbike be sure to check the travel insurers’ exclusions.

Incident 2: Indonesia, Symptoms Post-Diving

A diver complains of pain on inspiration and “scattered thinking” post-diving so a concerned friend calls the DAN DES Emergency Hotline for advice.

The diver had completed one dive the previous day to 18m with no issues. He had presented to a hospital (with a hyperbaric unit) the previous night and had been given medication, but the caller wasn’t able to say what the medication was or what it was for). He had been told to return to hospital if the symptoms changed.

When the call to DAN was made there had been no change to his symptoms, despite being on oxygen throughout the night (at a flowrate of 12 litres per minute) via a non-rebreather mask. The friend wanted advice as to whether there were other options for evaluation and to inquire if the diver could now take out DAN insurance to cover any required treatment.

DAN directed the diver to another hospital for a second opinion. The diver was also advised that he would NOT be covered by DAN insurance for an event that had already occurred.

Lesson’s Learned

Unfortunately, we all hope that everything will work out okay when we are travelling, diving, and exploring the world, but that isn’t always the case.

And in cases like this, individuals will possibly risk their health by not seeking treatment if costs involved for assessment and treatment are expensive.

DAN coverage becomes even more valuable in remote locations and in areas in which medical facilities are basic, or unavailable: DAN is available 24/7 to assist our Member’s and get them to the care they need.

To be covered by DAN you must apply for coverage before you commence diving. Our advice is to apply for cover (and receive your confirmation of coverage) before you depart on your trip, that way you will 100% know that you are covered before you commence diving.

NOTE: All divers can call a DAN Hotline for advice, however, we can only co-ordinate an emergency evacuation, and treatment, and cover associated costs, for current members within the limits of their coverage.

Author: DAN World

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