March: A sample of recent Asia-Pacific diving incidents

From bitey fish to skin bends… a sample of cases DAN APAC helped with this month.


From bitey fish to skin bends… a sample of cases DAN APAC helped with this month.

Every month DAN Asia-Pacific receives calls for help from all over the region for a broad range of reasons. Following is a sample of recent calls received:

Indonesia: A 54-year-old male diver on a liveaboard in Raja Ampat. He was in the water when another diver jumped in resulting in the tank hitting the member in the head. He required three stitches. No further treatment was required.

Sri Lanka: A diver on holiday in Colombo experienced symptoms post-diving and called DAN from the hospital. Symptoms fully resolved without recompression.

Philippines: Member called from Panglao with joint pain in the leg, concerned that it was possibly DCI. The diver had completed two dives and developed symptoms not long after, including ankle pain that radiated to other parts of the leg soon after. The Member took a ferry to Cebu for evaluation at the Chamber as ferry was the quickest form of transport. The Chamber was notified of the patient’s arrival. Received one recompression treatment and symptoms resolved.

Palau: Male diver with mild numbness in fingers following a dive series. He was due to fly home that day and after consulting with a hyperbaric doctor on the DAN AP Hotline he was advised to fly home as it was a short flight, the symptoms were mild and there was a much better option for treatment in his home country. The member received three hyperbaric treatments and is now symptom free.

Solomon Islands: A 60-year-old woman was on holiday in Uepi. Post-diving, she experienced a rash on her thighs, hips, torso, chest and had pain in both her hips. Fortunately, oxygen first aid was quickly commenced and she rapidly improved. The diver continued to breathe oxygen for several hours and her symptoms fully cleared without further treatment required. Probable skin DCI. On her return home she was referred to a diving doctor and will likely be tested for a PFO.

Indonesia: A 58-year-old female diver on a liveaboard that was 13 hours off the coast of Indonesia. DAN was notified of the ill diver via satellite phone advising the boat was on its way to Waisai. The member had tingling and numbness in her left arm and hand as well as a slight rash on her right hip. She later deteriorated and had severe symptoms. She was transferred by helicopter to a local chamber and received four treatments there, before eventually being evacuated to Australia for further assessment and treatment. The evacuation cost USD$53,000. Fortunately, the Member is recovering well.

Palau: Member was snorkelling and received a bite on the neck from a fish. She presented at the local clinic where she received treatment and was prescribed antibiotics.

Australia: Diver in Victoria experienced DCI following a series of two compressor dives in a strong current. He was unable to do his safety stop due to the hose kinking in the current. Following the dives he experienced pain in his left shoulder and received three recompression treatments.

NOTE: All divers can call a DAN Hotline for advice, however, we can only co-ordinate an emergency evacuation, and treatment, and cover associated costs, for current members within the limits of their coverage.

If you are not yet a DAN AP Member, you can join via the DAN AP Website.

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