February DAN Report: A Sample of Recent Asia-Pacific Diving Incidents

To give you an idea of the range of cases DAN takes care of each month – here’s a sample of February’s cases.

To give you an idea of the range of cases DAN takes care of each month – here’s a sample of February’s cases.

Indonesia: A 35-year-old male in Sulawesi experienced middle ear barotrauma with possible inner ear involvement. DAN arranged an ENT exam for him in Kuala Lumpur. He was found to have a perforated eardrum and severe infection and is continuing to take antibiotics to clear this.

Australia: A 34-year-old diver in Victoria experienced pain in the shoulder and elbow and numbness in her fingers, following a dive to 45m. She was advised to present at the Alfred Hospital Hyperbaric Unit for recompression. The symptoms resolved after three recompression treatments.

Indonesia: A male diver in a remote part of Indonesia (between Borneo and West Papua) exhibited symptoms associated with neurological decompression illness (DCI).

Indonesia: The diver was putting her diver gear in her bag when a wave hit the dive boat causing her to fall forward landing on her arm and dislocating her elbow.  She received treatment in Sulawesi.

NOTE: This member was covered under DAN AP’s Preferred Plus Plan, which offers extended benefits to cover the likes of a fall on a boat. Under all other DAN AP Treatment Plans (Master and Preferred), the provision is for coverage for in-water incidents. 

Philippines: A 32-year-old female diver was admitted to hospital in Batangas with suspected DCI. The symptoms had cleared prior to admission and   the doctor diagnosed a possible mini-stroke rather than DCI and no recompression was given. She is currently undergoing further tests.

Indonesia: Sadly, a Member passed away in his sleep at a dive resort in Raja Ampat.

Solomon Islands: A diver exhibited symptoms of a skin DCI (rash on the torso) with a possible jellyfish sting causing additional symptom. Symptoms resolved with oxygen and member was advised to cease diving and seek a consultation with a diving doctor on return from her holiday.

Indonesia:  A diver developed symptoms of DCI following an out of air incident and a missed deco stop. She took two days off diving and the symptoms resolved then she resumed diving and the symptoms returned. Three days later she flew back to her home country. On arrival the member sought treatment for DCI and received two Table 5 treatments.  This member was lucky that the symptoms did not come back much worse (and more difficult to treat) following her return to diving. She should have called the DAN/DES Hotline as soon as the initial symptoms appeared rather than almost a week later.

REMINDER: All divers can call a DAN Hotline for advice, however, we can only co-ordinate an emergency evacuation, and treatment, and cover associated costs, for current members within the limits of their coverage.

If you are not yet a DAN AP Member, you can join via the DAN AP Website.

Author: DAN World

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One thought on “February DAN Report: A Sample of Recent Asia-Pacific Diving Incidents”

  1. As I’m on your February report I would like to say thanks. When my friends called DAN, just after the accident on the way to the hospital, I really did not think I would be cover for my accident (I honestly it was so painful I did not really remember for what I was covered), but I have been. So again a big big thanks to DAN Asia Pacific.


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