Beach Oxygen in Bali

There’s a new installation near Tulamben beach: roofed plinth with a 50-litre bottle of oxygen and an oxygen delivery kit. A banner declares that the facility has been provided by Alba Diving.

Alba Diving providing oxygen at Tulamben Beach

By Simon Pridmore

The other day, I drove down to the parking lot near the drop off at the eastern end of Bali’s Tulamben Bay. I hadn’t been there for a while. As I set my gear up I noticed a new installation at the edge of the car park, near the beach. There was a new roofed plinth that housed, to my surprise, a 50-litre bottle of oxygen and an oxygen delivery kit. A banner attached to the roof declared that the facility had been provided by Alba Diving.

“Extremely impressed, after the dive I headed to Villa Alba, Alba Diving’s beachside resort, and asked the owner, Alex Ford, what the story was.

The fact is, many diver operators in the area do not have oxygen available, and Alex and his instructors had witnessed two incidents on Tulamben beach recently (you can read the full stories here) which had brought home the need for oxygen to be available on site to treat injured divers.

Alex approached the Tulamben Dive Association, a group of villagers that administer access to the beach and explained the issue and told them that, if they were in agreement, Alba Diving, in conjunction with the training agency RAID, would supply and maintain two emergency oxygen depots on Tulamben beach. The two sites would be for anyone to use and, in addition to the oxygen supply, there would be an oxygen delivery kit there, together with instructions in English and Indonesian. The Dive Association agreed wholeheartedly with the proposal and was extremely supportive.

I mentioned that, in my books, I tell divers that a good sign of a professional dive centre is if they have emergency oxygen available. I also advise them to ask the question whenever they are considering operations to dive with when they go on holiday.” – Simon Pridmore.

DAN AP’S Oxygen Preparedness & Awareness Campaign

Operators! DAN AP is here to help your business get oxygen prepared. LEARN MORE.

View our Awareness Poster HERE and share it with your operator and club.

Let’s work together to improve diving safety in our region.

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Reproduced from an article on BEACH OXYGEN IN BALI

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